Construction Engineering and Management

Storesund Consulting provides comprehensive construction engineering and construction management services to ensure project plans are constructed to achieve the intended vision. We work closely with the project owners, stakeholders, contractors, and regulatory agencies to overcome any challenges uncovered during construction to ensure the project goals are met, the project stays on schedule, and budget targets are maintained. Our goal is to achieve the highest of quality projects, completed on time, within budget, and exceeding the project aims.

  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Review
  • Construction Cost Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Cost Evaluation
  • Contract Documents & Bidding Alternatives
  • Construction Scheduling & Phasing
  • Pre-Bid Conference
  • Review of Contractor Qualifications
  • Bid Analysis & Contract Award
  • Pre-Construction Conference
  • Project Cost & Schedule Control
  • Approval of Submittals & Shop Drawings
  • Change Order Control & Claims Analysis
  • Progress Construction Meetings
  • Project Close-Out & Correction List
  • Post-Construction Monitoring